viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011


cellphones radiation
With a little research, you can uncover the facts about preventing cell phone radiation and cell phone safety. In fact, cell phone health hazards and cell phone radiation safety are now being documented as an invisible cause of many illnesses. We are starting to see how using a cell phone causes cancer.
this is not the solution. you just need to turn off your cellphone.
  • The rate of death from brain cancer among handheld phone users was higher than the rate of brain cancer death among those who used non-handheld phones that were away from their head.
  • The risk of acoustic neuroma, a benign tumour of the auditory nerve that is well in range of the radiation coming from a phone's antenna, was fifty percent higher in people who reported using cell phones for six years or more, moreover, that relationship between the amount of cell phone use and this tumour appeared to follow a dose-response curve.
  • The risk of rare neuro epithelial tumours on the outside of the brain was more than doubled, a statistically significant risk increase, in cell phone users as compared to people who did not use cell phones.
  • There appeared to be some correlation between brain tumours occurring on the right side of the head and the use of the phone on the right side of the head.
  • Laboratory studies looking at the ability of radiation from a phone's antenna to cause functional genetic damage were definitively positive, and were following a dose-response relationship.

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